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           Looking forward of the future, implementing high technology strategy and improving the scientific and technological quality of the products is our eternal pursuit. In order to run faster, higher and further in the fiercely-competing markets, we are keeping improving our technology, cutting down the production cost and improving the quality of the products and staffs. Our self-confidence on the development, quality, delivery and after service of the products comes from our full concentration on the work and full consideration for the customers. Hanbianees are always standing in the new platforms to look to the future . We always cheer up and chest up and chest out to forge ahead . It continuously challenges and surpasses itself in order to keep climbing to the high peaks. In the following days , Hanbianees will never forget the historical mission and bounden duty . We will continue to a victory paean by our passion, confidence and consistency.

        订货专线(Ordering Hot Line): (0916) 2211744
        售后服务(Telephone customer service): (0916) 2217208

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